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itips hair extensions westchester ny

i-Tip Hair Extensions

I-tip hair extensions, also known as "micro bead" or "micro link" extensions, are a type of semi-permanent hair extension method.


They consist of small bundles of human hair with a tiny metal or plastic tip at the top, which resembles the letter "I."


These extensions are applied to your natural hair using a specialized tool that clamps the extension's tip to your hair strands, typically near the roots.

I-Tip extensions utilize a looper tool and a small copper flared bead. The natural hair gets fed through the bead using the loop tool, then the extension is placed on top of the natural hair and the bead is then crimped down onto the extension tip (made of a polyurethane coating that expands within the bead offering protection and cushion to the natural hair!) to secure the extension in place.


Benefits of i-Tip Hair Extensions

  • 360° mobility (allow the extensions to be worn up or down!)

  • Re-usable hair (hair can last upwards 6-8 months), which helps keep cost down!

  • maintenance every 4-6 weeks(this is especially great for those that don’t love the feeling of growth with Ktips) A “move-up” is done to bring the extension back up to base.

  • easily maintained at home by brushing regularly and using salon grade quality product

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